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ProTex Sport Products, Inc.

About ProTex

ProTex Sport Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of the finest athletic equipment and safety padding on the market. Our products are constructed with great detail and without compromise to meet your athletic program's specific individual needs.

ProTex makes equipment ranging from football blocking dummies to wrestling and gymnastics mats to custom-made wall padding for gymnasiums, stadiums, corners, beams, and posts.

What Makes ProTex Different?

  1. Trust: We are a family owned and close-knit company. Despite our growth, our company has not forgotten its small-business roots.
  2. Enthusiasm: We love what we do here. Everyone associated with ProTex is passionate about creating a world-class product that contributes to a customer experience second to none.
  3. Experience: ProTex has been in the sports padding industry for 22 plus years. We have furnished products to customers ranging from churches and highschools, to universities such as Clemson and Georgia Tech, to the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.
  4. Specialties: Our niche is in the custom-made speciality field. We have the knowledge and ability to fulfill any order to the customer's exact specifications
  5. Quality: Maintaining a focus on attention to detail, ProTex separates itself from other athletic businessess with a consistently superior hand crafted product.
  6. Customers First: Whether we are working with individuals, athletic programs or other businessess, we always put the needs of the customer first. It is our commitment to clientele that drives our core values.

what makes us different....

Our Small Business Values

Our Unique Enthusiasm

Our Experience In The Industry

Our Niche In The Speciality Field

Our Superior Hand Crafted Products

Our Customer's First Strategy

do you have a question?

Contact ProTex Sport Products' customer service department today. We will work with you to establish a solution that meets your specific needs. Whether it's football equipment, wall padding, track pits or any type of protective padding.....we've got the answers you need!