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Ball Park Screens

ProTex ball park windscreens elimnate sun glare and visual distractions on outfield fences and backstops for both players and fans. Our windscreens can be custom manufactured with team logos and lettering.

Ball Park Screens

Our Ball Park Screens are custom made to order for outfield fences and backstops to help minimize visual distractions for players and the audience. Aids in blocking wind passages. Manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene fiber material that will stand the hazards of most weather conditions. Grommetted on 4 sides every 18" with reinforced 4 ply seams. Please specify open or closed mesh.

Polypropylene Windscreen
High Winds - Dark Green -
Open Mesh - 15% Ventilation
Closed Mesh - 5% Ventilation

Pure polypropylene mesh. Grommetted on all 4 sides every 18". Reinforced 4 ply hems. Custom made to your satisfaction.

ball park windscreens....

Polypropylene Windscreens

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