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Upgrade Options for Track Pits

Save your school the cost of a new pit by upgrading with new front units and top landing pads. Another cost saving option is to convert your old pit base units into a high jump pit with a conversion pad. With our track pit upgrade options you can easily bring any model pit up to regulation.

Full Front Units

Make your pit safer and like new by adding these to your 3 base units (11'd) that are in good shape. Their advanced design features a tri-tapered cutout that extends to the front of the vault box.


6'd x 16'6"w x 24" - 30"h


7'd x 16'6"w x 24" - 30"h

High Jump Conversion Pad

Quickly change your existing pole vault pit base units (3-5'6" x 11') into a large high jump pit. A one piece, single layer mesh top with a full 18 oz. vinyl flap secures the units with base snaps.


11'd x 16'6"w x 30"h


11'd x 16'6"w x 30"h - 2" Top Pad

Top Landing Pad

This cushioned pad covers the top surface and connects all pit units securely for safer landings. A spike resistant, woven vinyl mesh "breather" fabric encases 2" polyfoam. Combination top pad/weather cover is optional.


High Jump Pit or Pole Vault Pit - Specify size

Weather Cover/Ground Cover

Prolong the life of your pit with these form-fitted, weatherproof covers made of 14 oz. vinyl that attach at the base. Heavy 18 oz. vinyl coated available at an extra charge.


Weather cover - Specify size


Ground cover - Specify size

Replacement Pit Covers

Contact us for High Jump and Pole Vault covers for all makes of pits. Foam filler can also be replaced. Please furnish diagrams to determine accurate size.


Terms and Conditions

WARRANTY - We agree to repair or replace any product used under normal conditions for the purpose intended, which proves defective in workmanship or material, for a period of five years from date of purchase.

TERMS - Net 30 days. Unpaid balances subject to 1-1/2% interest charge per month. All prices F.O.B. Lexington, NC.

ORDERS - All orders are subject to our acceptance. All special orders must be confirmed in writing and have a diagram when needed. We have no minimum order, but a $5.00 service charge will be added to orders under $40.00.

LOSS OR DAMAGE IN TRANSIT - The buyer is responsible for examining all shipments for any damage, loss or shortage, noting any discrepancies on bill of lading before accepting. We will gladly help trace lost shipments. Buyer must then file a freight claim with carrier involved.

PRICES - Every effort is made to maintain the lowest possible prices at all time, however, all prices are subject to change without notice depending on cost increases.

LIABILITY - We can assume no responsibility for personal injury or property damage incurred through the use of our product even though every attempt is made to embody the highest degree of safety possible.

upgrade options....

Full Front Units

High Jump Conversion Pad

Top Landing Pad

Weather Cover/Ground Cover

Replacement Pit Covers

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