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Blocking drills are an important ingredient of any successful and well designed football practice. Incorporate football blocking sleds into your team's practice and give your lineman plenty of core drills that will develop speed off the line, drive through blocking, and powerful driving with the legs.

Super Sled

The Super Sled is World Sporting Goods' most popular varsity sled. It is designed to provide you with years of maintenance-free use.

The Super Sled has one main cross bar making it safer to run through with a runner for each pad section. This gives the sled more traction and resistance with less damage to your field.

The Super Sled features a leaf spring with an adjustable pad bracket at each runner. The sled pad is angled simulating the forward lean of an opposing player. The pad is also height adjustable for use in different down and distance situations.

J-1007 - 7 Man

J-1006 - 6 Man

J-1005 - 5 Man

J-1004 - 4 Man

J-1003 - 3 Man

J-1002 - 2 Man

J-1001 - 1 Man

J-224 - Replacement Body Pad

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Pop-Up Tacklemaker

The Pop-Up Tackle Maker is the most realistic one-man tackling sled on the market. The sled can be tackled to the ground and will return to its upright position when released. This allows for more repetitions in less time, creating better tacklers for your team. The Pop-Up Tackle Maker weighs 175 pounds and comes with a Body Pad.

Weights can be added to the base of the sled to simulate heavier players or to vary the resistance when using it in drills such as drive blocking, or defensive reaction. A jersey may be put over the body pad (as shown).

2-393 Pop-Up Tackle Maker

175 lbs.

2-395 Replacement Tackle Maker Pads


Super Sled

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