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Agility Trainers

Increase your players speed and agility with with ProTex Half Round Dummies and Stepover Dummies. Our Agility Trainers are designed to serve both stepover drills and general blocking dummy use.

Half Round Dummy

Popular for blocking or stepover drills. Three handles for versatility.


8" x 16" x 44"

10 lbs.

Stepover Dummy

Designed for agility drills with extra height and slanted sides. Wide, weighted base provides stability and prevents repositioning. End handle allows easy positioning while bottom handles give dual usuage for blocking practice.


8" x 18" x 48"

9 lbs.


10" x 18" x 48"

19 lbs.


12" x 18" x 48"

27 lbs.

agility trainers....

Half Round Dummy

Stepover Dummy

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