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Pole Vault Landing Systems

ProTex Pole Vault Pits are superior in construction, appearance, and functionality. All Pole Vault Landing Systems meet or exceed NFHS, NCAA, and IAAF specifications. Our Pole Vault Pits are manufactured with a heavy-duty, high tear-resistant and weather resistant 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester fabric. We also offer optional weather covers and ground covers for your pits.

Pole Vault Pits

The handles used on our High Jump Pits are constructed of strong 2" webbing with reinforced stitching for extra strength and durability

Foam / Filler:

Prime Urethane foam with advanced tunnel design for controlled deceleration and smoother landings


Red, Blue, Green, Gold - most school colors are available


We will gladly build you a customized high jump made to your specifications for an extra charge


Our high jump landing systems are in compliance with NFSHSA Rule 7-4-7, as well as NCAA and IAAF Specifications


18 oz. vinyl coated polyester on sides and bottoms. Our vinyl coated "breather" fabric on top and landing pads are spike resistant


14 oz. and 18 oz. vinyl covers that attach at the base


All seams and stress points are doublt/triple stitched with weather tough polyester thread


- Quick release delrin buckles attached with heavy nylon webbing join base units together

- Strong snaphooks and rings are cadmium plated and rust resistant, hold top pads and weather covers snugly

- Rustproof #9 nylon zipper - slef lubricating

Top Pad:

A spike resistant, woven vinyl nylon mesh "breather" fabric encases 2" polyfoam













PV Weather Cover

PV Ground Cover


20' x 21'6" x 26"

20' x 21'6" x 28"

20' x 22' x 32"

* Custom pits are available - made to your specification *

High School Pole Vault Pit Upgrades

The National Federation of High Schools Association (NFHS) has implemented a new rule, to increase the minimum size of high school pole vault pads. Rule 7, Section 4, Article 8 now requires the landing pad beyond the vault box to be a minimum of 19'8" w x 16'5" d, (20'5" from front to back) and 2" of foam padding between the plant box and all pads.

Protex Sport Products is offering Pole Vault Upgrade Kits as an alternative to purchasing an entirely new pole vault pit. The upgrade kits we are offering will fit existing Protex pits and may fit pits by other manufacturers.

Each kit will expand the back of your pit to 20' wide behind the standards and 16'5" long behind the plant box, making the total length 20'5" long or more.

A common one piece top landing pad (2" thick) is also included that will cover the entire pit surface. An 8' x 10' wide coaches box is outlined on the top pad.

Weather covers, ground covers, base pads, and vault box collar pads are available at an additional cost.

Provided your pit is in good condition, upgrade kits can provide an economical alternative to the purchase of a new landing pad.

pole vault pits....

Pole Vault Pits

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