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ProTex Sport Products Elite Cheer Flooring is the finest cheer flooring available. Our cheer flooring is easily installed and provides much greater safety than hardwood floors.

Our Elite Cheer Floor is the finest matting available and is used at many state, regional, and national competitions each year. This royal blue or red carpet is flame laminated to 1.4" thick Trocellen cross-linked polyethylene foam rolls. This foam is 11% thicker than companies that sell 1-1/4" thick. The total carpet and foam thickness is over 1-1/2".


The standard competition floor is 42' x 42' and takes (7) rolls that are 6' x 42'. We include blue hook velcro to connect the rolls together (at no extra charge). You can purchase single rolls or the entire floor from us.


Our Elite Cheer Floor is also easy to transport and store. Each roll can be individually rolled up and carried to a storage area by 2 or 3 people. The rolls are then set up by simply unrolling them and attaching velcro along the seams. The Elite Cheer Floor may be used by your gymnastics, team dance line, and for general physical education classes.

We also offer these rolls in 2" thick Trocellen foam, the thickest available on the market, and offer the ultimate in safety and durability. Complete installation instructions with pictures can be found below.

Complete Installation Instructions

Installation of a product is often a great concern. Will it be as easy as the company says it will be? Will the installation look professional? Can the product be moved daily in a multi-use facility and still be durable? The answer to all of these questions concerning the Elite Cheer Floor is a restounding YES!

The following instructions will explain the simple portability and setup of our product. If you have any further question, please call our customer service department and we will gladly help you.

Steps to Set Up the Elite Cheer Floor
  1. To set up your Elite Cheer Floor, simply move the rolls out to the area you will be using.
  2. Next, unroll each roll. As you can see in the second picture, the foam side will be facing up when you unroll it.
  3. Flip the unrolled mats over so the carpet side is up.
  4. Slide the rolls together so there is no space between the rolls.
  5. Using the blue hook velcro provided with your order, seam the rolls together. The velcro adheres right to the carpet surface. One person can hold the velcro roll and a second person can smooth the velcro down over the seam.
  6. Continue attaching each roll until the floor is complete.
Steps to Take Rolls Apart
  1. Pull hook velcro loose from seams. Roll up velcro to use the next time you set up the floor.
  2. Flip the mats over so the foam surface is facing up.
  3. Roll up each mat and attach with the short piece of velcro (that comes with the rolls). This will keep the mat from coming unrolled.
  4. Transport your Elite Cheer Floor to your storage room. (Always lift with your legs while keeping your back in a vertical position.)

elite cheer floor....

Elite Cheer Floor

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